Sunday, July 6, 2008

Death by Bikini

By Linda Gerber
Aphra lives on a gorgeous tropical island resort owned by her father and frequented by celebrities. She spends as much time in her bathing suit as in any other piece of clothing. Alas Aphra! She is very, very lonely for anyone her age.

In a splendid Agatha Christie move, young, handsome Adam Smith and his family mysteriously arrive on the island. They appear to have a connection to Aphra’s mother who abandoned her years ago. Aphra’s father clearly wants their presence to remain secret, and uncharacteristically refuses to discuss these new guests with his daughter.

But a starlet strangled on the beach with her own swimwear quickly entangles everyone’s attention and shocks Aphra into action. Her daring investigative exploits prompt Aphra to re-discover much of the “training” ingrained in her during the purported “adventures” her mother crafted for her as child, and thrust Aphra right into . . . Adam’s arms.

Remember to slap on the sunblock because as you slip past the pages of this snappy, satisfying, sultry read, you’ll be laying around exposed much longer than you planned.
Reviewed by Vivian

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